Interview with Dr. Neena Gopalan

Feb 26th, 2013 | By | Category: College of Arts & Sciences


Dr. Neena Gopalan has been apart of the Lewis Community since August 2012. During this time Dr. Gopalan has taught many courses that enriched student’s academic career. Most recently, Dr. Gopalan is teaching Intro to Psychology. Dr. Gopalan received her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University. Below you will find a short discussion on her views of adult students and Lewis overall.







Q. What encouraged you to teach at Lewis?

A. What encouraged me to teach at Lewis were the courses that I have the opportunity to teach, the nature of job responsibilities, and yes, the location as well.


Q. What do you like about teaching adult students? Why?

A.  Adult students are mature and willing to work hard. I admire how they try their best to juggle between their professional/ work life, family life and academic life. Hats off to that! 


Q. What is your favorite movie or book? Why?

A. My favorite movie(S) would be those that one can relate to or see it as possible in one’s life. Drama, suspense, investigation type movies, etc. are my favorites. I also very much enjoy watching foreign films.


Q. What encouraged you to teach? Why?

A. There is something intrinsically motivating about imparting knowledge to others.  

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