At Lewis, we <3 Our Students…Meet the Hutton’s

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Wayne Hutton (2012) & Laura Hutton (2011)

When graduating from high school, our sights were set on getting out in the world. Joining the working world had shown us that a college education was an important asset to career advancement. After a few classes at junior college after high school, life took us in another direction. Our focus became providing for our children, and developing a career. Since our family was our primary focus and the children are only small for a very short time, college was put on hold. While we operated a small business, Wayne pursued an Associate’s degree at Joliet Junior College. The certificate he earned in electrical automated systems benefitted him at his job as he earned a promotion.  We had both come to a point in our lives where our lack of college education became a limiting factor in our careers.  Fortuitously, we received an invitation to a Lewis University Open House in the mail. After hearing all that Lewis had to offer, we decided that the School for Professional and Continuing Education was the right fit for us. Laura added some transfer classes from Joliet Junior College while attending Lewis University.  Our experience at Lewis has been fantastic. We have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful teachers, facilitators and peers. Within weeks of graduation, the job opportunities are already opening up, and we are off on a new adventure as we begin new careers.

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