The Spirit of Association

Oct 15th, 2012 | By | Category: CAMPUS NEWS, College of Business

One of the core values of our University is Association. We define this as, “The process of forming a community of mutual respect, collegiality, collaboration and service.” As one would imagine, examples of where association is lived in our institution are numerous. Below is an example of how a student and his classmates chose to demonstrate association that was conveyed to me by one of our adjunct faculty.

“He entered the course with apprehension and a strong desire to do well. He had put off returning to school due to money, a problem taken care of by his father who is providing financial support. He brought a sense of fellowship and community to the group by organizing a study group, something adult students need but most do not participate in. I was aware of the study group meeting on Saturday mornings, which included several other classmates for whom this was their first course. They supported each other with intensity and enthusiasm, resulting in a wonderful learning experience. Their relationship impacted the communal learning ability of other class members during our weekly sessions. This was a wonderful display of a synergistic learning occasion in which everyone benefited.”

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