Interview with Dr. Mark Musch

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Dr. Mark Musch has helped many Lewis students achieve their goal of completing their degree.  Dr. Musch has been a part of the Lewis community since 2004 and has taught over 40 Pathophysiology courses. Dr. Musch obtained his PhD in 1983 in Pharmacology/Physiology from University of Chicago. Below you will find a short discussion on his views of adult  students and Lewis overall.


Q. What encouraged you to teach at Lewis?
A. Friends who taught in the program thought I would enjoy the experience and be a good facilitator.
Q. What do you consider the best feature of your favorite course?
A. The students, the RN’s in this program are astonishing, curious and knowledgeable, many life experiences to add to the course, I learn each time I teach it.
Q. What is your favorite artist or genre of music? why?
A. Motown is my favorite type of music, too many amazing artists to list.  Motown has heartfelt performances, great vocals, superb compositions.
Q. What do you like about teaching adult students? why?
A. To impart knowledge and pique curiosity is the best part of teaching.  Watching someone, including myself, understand something they are fascinated by is the best feeling a teacher can have.
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