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A recent survey of the members of the Lewis University chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda asked the question, “What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started at Lewis?”

Here is a look at some of the “hindsight” from this elite group of students:

* You can’t underestimate time management
* Plan the work and work the plan. Go above and beyond
* Don’t be afraid to use the services Lewis offers, such as LARC and the enhancement workshops
* All of the opportunities and such that are available to students at Lewis
* Prior Learning Assessment, CLEP: Earning Credit for life experience
* To plan ahead for courses that are only offered once a year
* That I, personally, do better in onsite classes versus online classes.
* Time management and perseverance.
* PLA: I could have avoided classes not necessary to my situation
* Get involved with other students and plan study dates.
* Plan my semester, how to balance out class locations and the term of the classes
* That it is important to seek training for Blackboard early on…you will learn many useful tools
* Not to procrastinate and to get involved with Lewis organizations
* I didn’t have to fear the learning process…it was actually very enjoyable
* Plan out your semester and communicate with your advisor
* Perseverance.  Work with other students, you can help each other.
* Online classes require students to be extremely disciplined and it is hard to catch up if you fall behind.
* Going to school at Lewis University is fun!
* How important family and recreation are: help you to decompress and refocus
* That it would have actually been great to have held onto some of my text books instead of returning them.
* The workload was not as intense as I thought it would be and I didn’t have to put it off as long as I did
* Internships give you useful experiences  and tools that can enhance your career opportunities, along with your education
* To have the confidence earlier on that I learned during my time at Lewis
* Communicate and work with other students.
* That I was capable of managing 9 credit hours per semester if I planned my schedule well enough.

If you would like information about Alpha Sigma Lambda, check out the Student Membership Criteria and ASL website.

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