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NEW MEMBERS: (a total of 86 students accepted membership; the 34 students who were able to attend the ceremony are shown in the photo)

Fourth (Top) Row (left to right): Randall Schenck; Jason Kinnaman; Gene Klimek, Jr.; John Buck; Patricia Carter; Carmen Coriano-Myers; David Johnson.
Third Row (left to right): Richard Rushing; Joellen Steinberg; Danuta Lesnicki; Robin Boland; La’Toya Carter; Otoniel Avila; Gordana Vujanovich; Mary Pierson.
Second Row (left to right): Jamie Marcial; Mary Fannin; Rachelle Kennedy; Jennifer Casas; Angela Villanueva; Doris Wallace; Sara E. Boehnke.
First (Bottom)Row (left to right): Terese Sulllivan; Gina Spino; Sherrill Lange; Debra Kopsky; Leticia Othon; Denise Salvino; Evangelina Bustamente; Keilani Socrates; Marina Kostyra; Dawn Caldwell; Kimberly Jurani; Beth Weiland.



On Sunday, April 22, 2012, a new tradition was launched at Lewis University as the first Induction Ceremony of the Lambda Epsilon Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society was held to honor the exceptional academic accomplishments of its high-achieving adult students.

Alpha Sigma Lambda was originally founded in 1946 by Dr. Rollin E. Posey, Dean of University College of Northwestern University, to recognize and honor superior scholarship of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of family, community, and work. Today, Alpha Sigma Lambda is the oldest and largest chapter-based honor society for adult students, with chapters at over 300 colleges and universities throughout the United States.

The Lewis University’s chapter name, Lambda Epsilon Delta, has special meaning and was chosen to signify the following: Lambda for the university’s LaSallian-inspired heritage; Epsilon for excellence in adult education; and Delta for a diversity-rich student body.

To be considered for nomination in the Lambda Epsilon Delta chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, a student must be at least 24 years of age; be a matriculated student seeking his/her first undergraduate degree; have completed a minimum of 32 credit hours at Lewis University; have at least 12 credit hours in liberal arts and sciences; have achieved at least a 3.7 grade point average; rank among the top 20% of eligible students; and have junior or senior status. Membership is by invitation only.

Over 100 invitations were mailed to eligible students. A total of 86 students accepted membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda in its first year; a total of 34 were inducted at the ceremony. Family, friends, and faculty attended the celebration that took place in the St. Charles Borromeo Pastoral Center Chapel.

The celebration began with an Introduction by Dr. Walter Pearson, who serves as the Dean of the School for Professional and Continuing Education and who began the process of establishing a society chapter. Dr. Michael Cherry, Academic Coordinator for Adult Business Programs, continued with a special Invocation. The Welcome Address was then given by Dr. Stephany Schlachter, Lewis University Provost, who acknowledged the many responsibilities and obligations that adult students face while pursuing an undergraduate degree. This was followed by the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Lesley Page, Associate Professor in Organizational Leadership, who reflected on the important role adult students have to lead and inspire.

Bernadette Valderrama, Academic Advisor in the School for Professional and Continuing Education, was then inducted as the first Chapter Councilor, who in turn inducted the Honorary Members and New Members. Mary Fisher, Associate Professor for Special Education recited the names of the inductees as they received their membership certificates and lapel pins.

After a standing ovation for the inductees, they, along with their family, friends, and faculty were invited to a reception where hot coffee, pastries, and cold lemonade were served, alongside plenty of good cheer and fellowship. Honorary Members: Michael Cherry, Ed.D; Mary Fisher, Ph.D, Lesley Page, Ph.D., Stephany Schlachter, Ed.D., Carol Schneider, M.B.A., Bernadette Valderrama, M.A.

New Members:

Aaron Adams Karin Christensen Marina Koystra Andrew Russell
Michael Amorella David Clonts Stefan Kueller Denise Salvino
Wendy Anderson Carmen Coriano-Myers Melissa Kyrk Randall Schenck
Leif Arvidson Michael Cutright Sherrill Lange Albert Sinram
Otonial Avila,Jr. Joyce Dawkins David Lausch Keilani Socrates
Nancy Bearlund Sarah Eberwein Danuta Lesnicki Gina Spino
Joseph Beltz Mary Fannin Jill Long Joellen Steinberg
Buffy Blanton Laurie Garland Anthony Loris Joan Strainis
Sara Boehnke Jonathan Gerrity David Lunsford Terese Sullivan
Robin Boland Nancy Guswiler Jaime Marcial Linda Thomas
Chad Bouck Max Hewlett Rebecca Mueller Christopher Thurlby
Paulette Bowens Laura Hutton Michael Ochs Chad Turner
John Buck Wayne Hutton Leticia Othon Angela Villanueva
James Burdett Chritopher Ihde Michele Parks Gordana Vujanovich
Michael Burton David Johnson Shawn Phelan Doris Wallace
Evangelina Bustamente Joshua Jouza Mary Pierson Michael Weed
Dawn Caldwell Kimberly Jurani Dawn Piper Beth Weiland
Lisa Caldwell Riki Kaelin Ellen Pyznarski David Wichert
Marcia Campbell Rachelle Kennedy Ruth Quint Ryan Wyse
LaToya Carter Jason Kinnaman Michelle Robbins Pedro Zapata
Patricia Carter Eugene Klimek, Jr. William Rowe
Jennifer Casas Debra Kopsky Richard Rushing

Story Contributed by: Bernadette Valderrama

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