Proficiency exams (CLEP, DSST, AP)

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The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national standardized testing program that can be taken by students who believe they have academic strength in examination areas. CLEP tests are administered at testing centers around the country. Access for further information. Three hours of credit in an area will be granted to students who score in the designated percentile or above in the General and Subject Examinations. Click here for the current required scores. General examinations are given in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Humanities. Grades and quality points are not given for CLEP credits. CLEP credits do not apply toward the residency requirement or entrance requirement for SPCE programs.

General education credit is awarded for passing scores in the tests designated in the Lewis University catalog except for Foreign Languages. The School for Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) oversees and processes all student applications for CLEP credit attempted after matriculation at Lewis. CLEP/AP/DSST tests taken prior to entry at the university are posted to the transcript without charge.

Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board provides examinations in 26 different fields. Students earning a grade of three, four or five on selected AP examinations will be granted equivalent college credit. AP credit is evaluated through the Office of Admission. AP exams are listed in the Lewis University Catalog. Upon receipt of an AP exam score, a letter will be sent to inform the student applicant if he/she is receiving AP credit at Lewis. Those receiving AP credit will receive an evaluation explaining how the credit is applied to Lewis’ General Education Curriculum. AP scores should be reported to the Office of Admission within the first semester of enrollment at Lewis.


DSST exams are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and offer subject-level exams in 38 areas. These exams are typically funded for active-duty military and their spouses, but can also be completed by adult learners, homeschooled students, and military veterans. Further information can be obtained at the following website: DSST credits do not apply toward the residency or entrance requirements for SPCE programs, and quality points do not apply toward the Lewis GPA.

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