Meet Richard Devereaux

Mar 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Meet Our Students

My name is Richard Devereaux, an accelerated student here at Lewis. In addition to being a Master Electrician, I was a project manager for a construction company for over 10 years and I was in charge of building multi-million dollar projects. Unfortunately, when the housing crisis occurred I found myself in a rather uncomfortable situation, like millions of Americans. Weighing my options and considering various possibilities I decided to return to school. Since that time I was hired as a Department Manager and I’ve had to learn alot about the retail industry. In addition, my education here at Lewis has really helped me tremendously in my career transition. In particular, I enrolled in Accounting I & II taught by Prof. James Coughlin, who is an excellent instructor.

At work, I was having a problem with inventory in my department which is estimated around a million dollars plus, and I didn’t quite understand as to why I was consistently changing my counts. Fortunately, we covered some accounting-inventory scenarios in class and I was able to understand what the potential problems might be and I began to implement what I had learned in class. As I began to research the problem it turned out that our regional distribution center had not been sending us the physical merchandise, although, it was being signed off on in the system. Upon this discovery, I shared this information with my manager and it turned out that it was a district wide problem, possibly even regional. The matter was turned over to management and the matter is still under investigation.

I’m glad to know that my education dollars here at Lewis is well spent.


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