Meet Gene Klimek

Oct 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Meet Our Students, STUDENTS

Gene Klimek (Information Technology Management Major)

When I graduated from high school more than 20 years ago my thoughts were not on further schooling but on becoming part of the “real world.” I wanted to join the workforce immediately, and so I did. What the following decades have proven to me is the extreme importance of a college education. A good, quality education not only provides the knowledge one needs to pursue a satisfying and fulfilling career, but can also provide the moral foundation, discipline, and maturity level needed to succeed not only in the business world, but in life.

Brotherly inspiration and the birth of my son provided me the final motivation to move forward with completing my education. My brother asked me where I wanted to be in four years; the time would pass regardless of what I did, so he suggested that I should make good use of the years and go back to school. I also want to prove to be a good role model for my son-how can I ask him to pursue a formal education when I did not?

I chose Lewis University because so many of my friends and family have gone here – my brother, my sister, my wife and many of our friends are alumni. They have all had a wonderful and fulfilling experience during their time at Lewis, and it has long been an ambition of mine to join their ranks. I graduated with high honors from the College of DuPage in the spring of 2009 and immediately signed up for fall courses at Lewis. I am currently participating in Lewis University’s Information Technology Management program and have found the program to be well structured challenging, and very fulfilling. I very much look forward to fulfilling my dream of becoming an alumnus of Lewis University and all the challenges along the way and after.

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