Meet Alumni Kimberly Becker

Oct 20th, 2011 | By | Category: ALUMNI

Kimberly Becker (class of 2010)

I graduated from high school with the goal of obtaining my bachelor’s degree, but somehow amid the chaos of life, it was always a want that didn’t quite rank ‘priority.’  That didn’t stop me from feeling conflicted about not pursuing my degree, though, because the want was relentless.

I decided that happiness for my daughter and myself would take more than merely waiting around for it. It needed to be pursued with vigor! Obtaining my degree seemed like the remedy. I knew it wouldn’t be easy; single parenthood, working full-time and going to school simultaneously was a daunting undertaking. I needed a wealth of courage to commit to this journey, but I was determined to rendezvous with success!

That’s when I found Lewis University’s Adult Accelerated Program and it was a perfect fit. It allowed me to attend at my own pace, which was comfortable. I could attend in the evenings after work, at various campuses close to home, and complete my degree in an accelerated format with other adult students who understood the priorities of family life and career.

To my surprise, my daunting task became something that I looked forward to each week. My quest for happiness became a thirst for more knowledge and it has been an amazing journey; one that I will never regret embarking on. Lewis is a place where I have been inspired and motivated, refueled and encouraged. I have expanded my education and my career opportunities while making lasting friendships and learning about my own potential.

The instructors guide and inspire, motivate and mold; and it is all under a faith-based environment, and with the goal of positively impacting our lives. I owe many people a great deal of gratitude for being such a special part of my journey.

This education feels like wings…wings that can take me soaring as high as I’m willing to fly. It’s freedom. It’s inspirational. It’s powerful. It’s mine!

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