Office of Service Learning

Service Learning Team

Advisory Team Members

  • Laura Wilmarth Tyna (Director of Service Learning)
  • Dr. Christie Billups (OSL, Curriculum Development Advisor)
  • Jake Smith (OSL, Graduate Assistant)
  • Dr. Kurt Schackmuth (Office of Mission & Identity)
  • Dr. Michael Lloyd (CAS, Sociology)
  • Chris Swanson (Study Abroad Director)
  • Dr. Jim Oakley (COB, Marketing Chair)
  • Dr. Jennifer Buss (COE, Special Education)
  • Nanci Reiland (CONHP)
  • Dr. Bill Chura (CAS, Biology)
  • Dr. Randy Venzke (CAS, Assistant Dean)
  • Dr. Anne Rapp (SPCE)
  • Dr. Jim Krejci (COB, Business Administration)