Office of Service Learning

Steps in the Process

Now that you have delved deeper into the Service Learning philosophy and benefits, we encourage you to review the steps to ensure your partnership with Service Learning.

  1. Share Your Hopes and Goals

    We match professors’ course objectives with the mission/activities of our organization. Those goals might be initially articulated by the professors or the organization. To notify us that you like to partner with a service learning course, please fill out the Application for Service Learners and e-mail it to

    The form will ask you to describe a potential service-learning project, the number of students needed, and other specifics that may help us to make a good match on your behalf. If a professor sees commonalities between her/his course goals and one or more of your stated needs, we can proceed collaboratively from there. Please be advised that this match may take six months to a year to create because a project is truly service learning when it is achieved within the context of a course or academic program.

  2. Communication

    You will be contacted by the OSL, the professor or a student leader to begin clarifying the service and/or project. Please stay in contact with the OSL so that we can ensure a quality experience for all involved.

  3. Orientation

    Once these initial steps are completed the professor or a student will contact you to schedule an orientation of your organization. We ask that you allow the students to tour the facility while you or a staff member gives them further information about the history and mission of your organization. Such exposure to your organization will give students vital insight into what you do, those you serve, and the vision you have for your organization.

  4. Evaluation

    At the end of each semester, the OSL will ask you to complete a brief survey about working with Lewis University. It is an optional survey; however your participation is greatly appreciated!