Office of Service Learning

Steps in the Process

Once you delve deeper into service learning and its benefits, the Office of Service Learning (OSL) team encourages you to review the following steps towards partnership.

Share Your Hopes and Goals
OSL staff will work to match your organizational mission/ activities to the course objectives of a faculty member on campus. Often, this “match-making” takes place through meeting to learn more and then sharing your ideas with campus constituents. This process may take as long as six months to a year, or be something that comes to fruition quickly, depending on multiple factors. To notify us that you are interested in partnering with a service learning course, contact Laura Wilmarth Tyna, Director of Service Learning, at or (815) 836-5848.

During the partnership development process, you will be contacted by the OSL staff, the course professor, or a student leader to begin clarifying the service and/or project. Please stay in contact with the OSL and appropriate individuals so that we can ensure a quality experience for all involved. Any questions or concerns should be raised with the OSL, who will be an ongoing point of contact and support.

Once a collaboration has been confirmed, the professor or a student will contact you to schedule an orientation. We ask that you allow the students to tour the facility while you or a staff member gives them further information about the history and mission of your organization. Such exposure will give students vital insight into what you do, those you serve, and the vision you have for your organization and community.

At the end of each semester, the OSL will ask you about your experience working with Lewis University and the Office of Service Learning.

Contact Us

Laura Wilmarth Tyna
Laura Wilmarth Tyna
Director of Service Learning
(815) 836-5848