Office of Service Learning

Recent Events

Lewis University welcomed Dr. Marshall Welch to campus on Monday, March 25th.  Dr. Welch is the Director of the Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action (CILSA) at St. Mary’s College of Moraga, California.  He provided in-servicing and dialogue facilitation for those Lewis offices and units involved with various forms of community engagement and experiential learning.

Dr. Marshall Welch

Dr. Welch came to us with a wealth of experience and expertise in areas of community engagement, service learning, civic engagement, and the spiritual dimensions ofaction within the community.  He has been the director of CILSA for over five years.  He has published and edited various works in journals and books.  Most recently, he and Dr. John Saltmarsh, a pioneer in the sphere of community engagement, completed and will soon publish a book chapter entitled “The Center of Community Engagement.” The chapter is based on extensive research of best practices among institutions which have attained the Elective Community Engagement Classification from the Carnegie Foundation.  This study and Marshall’s in-service will help Lewis University to continue to strive toward growth in various areas of community and civic engagement, as set out in our Vision and Strategic Plan 2017.

The in-service addressed Strategic Directions: 

II.C. Distinctive Learning Experiences:
    3) Centralize and strengthen experiential learning activities
    4) Promote civic knowledge and engagement activities
IV. Strategic Partnerships: exploring the wealth of expertise and resources in the ‘Worldwide Lasallian Network’

A few of the stakeholders gathered throughout the day on March 25th were the Community Engagement Cooperative (CEC) (as well as representatives of the offices within the CEC, the Service Learning (Advisory) Team, Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement, and the Center for Ministry and Spirituality. Some members of the administration hope were present as well thus enriching the discussion and visioning.  We believe this in-service was a valuable step toward reaching key goals for our respective initiatives and Lewis University as a whole.