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What is the PULSE?

The PULSE is a group of students who plan, organize, market and decide what kinds of events are brought to campus. It is run by Lewis students, for Lewis students. There is an executive committee with a President, Vice President, Accounts Chair, Special Events Chair, Concert & Comedian Chair, and a Public Relations Chair. What are the 3 different committees for? The Special Events Committee plans things like: sports game bus trips, hypnotists, trips off campus, and other fun events like on campus bingo bashes, casino nights, movie nights and game shows.

The Concert & Comedian Committee is responsible for listening to and researching what genre of music might be well received on campus and what bands might be fun to bring here. This could include acoustic guitar singers, small bands, local bands and/or national recording artists. The same would be true for researching comedians.

The Public Relations Committee is responsible to get all members to be part of the PR-ing for all events. This includes planning, marketing and promoting all of the events! It is the committee's main focus to design marketing materials and get creative about HOW events will be promoted on campus. Overall, everyone on The Pulse will take ownership in helping "spread-the-word" about our events.

All committees will collaborate when it comes to setting up for events and tearing down for events as well.

The PULSE as a whole will be wining and dining all entertainers that come to campus. You are responsible for reading the “riders” that are on the contracts and getting them the things they need to feel comfortable at Lewis. Things might include: picking entertainers up from the airport, giving them Lewis novelties, getting them food or beverages, escorting them around campus, basically "wow-ing" them so they feel like they can come back to Lewis.

When does the PULSE meet?

The PULSE meets every Tuesday at 5pm in the Boardroom over in the Rec. Center. Basically, upstairs in the room that overlooks the Fieldhouse! You will have the opportunity to choose which committee you are most interested in so you can "jump" in and get started!