Joining a Greek Organization

Each Greek organization on Lewis’s campus is unique. Similarly, the process to join each organization is unique. Below are some common practices for Lewis Greek recruitment but are by no means the only ways to join. If you are interested in a particular organization, they will be able to outline the requirements and procedures to join. Student Organization Fair: Greek organizations have tables setup at both the fall and spring organizational fairs. They will have information about their chapters and members available to answer questions.

An informal is usually a laid back event that allows prospective members to meet some of the members of an organization. These events can range from simple Q&A sessions to including activities such as movies or board games. The idea is to have some interaction and meet new people while getting to know a bit about the organization.

These events are more structured than the informal events. Many times there is a dress code, applications and interviews. Sometimes alumni and/or representatives from the organziation’s inter/national headquarters will be present. Formals usually end with the extension of a bid, or formal invitation, to prospective members to join an organization.