Sanctified Zone

Purpose of UDAT Committee


Sanctified Zone

The University Diversity Action Team (UDAT) organized on June 2009 with the merger of the President’s Diversity Facilitation Council and the Diversity Action Team seeks, primarily, to further develop Lewis University as a place that welcomes and affirms the equal dignity of every person.  This formally established group of students, faculty, and staff works together to promote, to support, and to develop ongoing initiatives which foster a culture of appreciation for diversity.

The Team

  • An Executive Team of five members Co- chaired by the Dean of Student Services and Director of Multicultural Student Services

  • Made up of members appointed by the President and endorsed by the President’s Diversity Facilitation Council

  • Charged with providing ongoing education and awareness efforts and serves as a response group to negative acts

  • Especially committed to promoting Lewis University as a Sanctified Zone


  • Promote the Sanctified Zone image and message

  • Work to further develop and maintain campus print and media images that promote diversity

  • Facilitate the incorporation of diversity efforts into major campus activities including but not necessarily limited to convocation and prayer services

  • Present at least one major diversity program annually

  • Participate in SOAR to promote diversity efforts

UDAT is composed of an Executive Team which sets the agenda for the general member’s monthly meetings.

There are five committees:  Rituals & Response; Traditions & Practice; Programming; Publicity & Marketing; and Academics. 

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