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Using Transitions

The following is a list of transitions that you may find useful when writing your essay. Transitions help keep the reader oriented as you move from one sentence to the next, one paragraph to the next, and one overall section to the next. Transitions, then, help create coherence within and between paragraphs, which in turn help create an overall sense of unity to the essay.

Common Transitions

Words that can be used to show location:

above behind by near throughout
across below down off to the right
against beneath in back of onto under
along beside in front of on top of  
among between inside outside  
around beyond into over  

Words that can be used to show time:

while first meanwhile soon then
after second today later next
at third tomorrow afterward as soon as
before now next week about when suddenly
during until yesterday finally  

Words that can be used to compare two things:

likewise also while in the same way
like as similarly  

Words that can be used to contrast two things:

but still although on the other hand
however yet otherwise even though

Words that can be used to emphasize a point:

again truly especially for this reason
to repeat in fact to emphasize  

Words that can be used to conclude or summarize:

finally as a result to sum up in conclusion
lastly therefore all in all because

Words that can be used to add information:

again another for instance for example
also and moreover additionally
as well besides along with other
next finally in addition  

Words that can be used to clarify:

that is for instance in other words

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