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The Lewis University Writing Center offers peer tutoring for your course writing. Writing tutoring is offered during the day, in the evening and on weekends in the library. The writing tutors, most of whom are English majors, can help writers at various levels of experience and at any stage of the writing process. The writing tutors provide what most writers need and seek: effective and real audience response to a piece of writing.

If you would like to make a face-to-face appointment at the Writing Center, please click the Make an Appointment graphic; if you have any questions

Make an Appointment
about making your appointment, please contact the Writing Center at (815) 836-5427. You can sign up for a thirty minute appointment; however, you are encouraged to sign up for two 30 minute sessions to work with a tutor for one hour. Real Time Online appointments should be scheduled for two 30 minute sessions. Walk-ins are also welcome.

You should bring the following to your tutoring session: the instructor’s assignment sheet, evaluation criteria, any class notes about the assignment, and a complete or partial draft.

What to expect during the tutoring session: After you explain the assignment and read your draft aloud, you and the tutor will discuss strategies for improving the particular piece of writing you are working on, or for improving your writing in general. The tutor, however, will not “correct” your writing for you; instead, the tutor will ask you relevant questions about your work and discuss in detail the options and strategies available to you for making your writing more effective.