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When to Use
How to Use
Annotation Personal system of textbook markings that include underlinings, symbols and notations. A first step in organizing. In the margins of texts (or on sticky notes) after a complete thought. Develop a consistent system to help you mark main ideas, questions, important vocabulary or possible exam questions.
Notetaking Using your own words and a separate notebook to condense the annotations from your textbook. Cornell Notetaking variations help to manage a large volume of information. Notetaking is useful for both textbook study and class lectures. Cornell notes encourage you to divide your page into 1/3 and 2/3 sections. Sentence summaries go into the right hand section. Key words or even questions go into the left hand section.
Summarizing A short, concise method of stating the main idea and important supporting details. A summary is often an assignment given by an instructor to determine whether you understand key ideas. A summary can help with study or is a means of bringing together information from several sources for a longer research paper. A summary always puts ideas into your own words. It consists of the key words and phrases of your notetaking linked by complete sentences and formatted into paragraphs.
Outlining A quick display of key ideas and essential supporting details. It encourages you to sort out significant details and decide on levels of importance. Depending on personal style, it can be used to take notes on a chapter or a lecture.
Main Point or Topic
  I. First main point
    A. Supporting detail
      1. Example
      2. Example
Mapping Visually condenses material for quick reference. A map is a diagram that connects major points and details in a graphic that shows importance. It is used to reduce information for recall purposes. Draw a circle or box in the middle of a page and write the subject or topic. Write main ideas that support the topic on lines attached to the topic. Add additional lines to the topic lines for details.