Online Academic Resources - Math

Useful Websites

  • multiplication, division, addition, subtraction practice
  • numerical notation, roman numerals
  • unit conversions

  • tons of material on fractions, geometry, many topics
  • has discussions of and answers to many interesting and famous math problems
  • help with word problems
  • nicely organized

  • help with how to teach basic math
  • good resource for elementary school mathematics teachers

  • has equation solver and math games; a little more advanced
  • tons of solvers, calculators for trigonometry, algebra, calculus, combinatorics, complex numbers, and more

  • help with algebra, geometry, trig, calculus
  • has lessons on certain topics and a derivative calculator
  • all kinds of aides, such as a wind chill calculator
  • has video flash lessons on any algebra topic

  • math dictionary and assistance
  • facts and formulas from geometry and trig; the unit circle
  • lots of links
  • very colorful

  • quotations from famous mathematicians

  • practice worksheets covering every basic topic in algebra
  • practice quizzes
  • online tutorials and links

  • tips and tricks for divisibility and basic operations
  • math contest problems and puzzles

  • how to use many calculators, TI, Casio, etc; many examples.

  • shows students step by step how to solve any equation that is entered in.

  • another friendly fraction help site

  • super friendly graphic fraction help site for kids; fun and easy to use
  • also help with multiplication, division, addition, subtraction

  • help with any algebra topic: graphing, polynomials, equations, etc
  • basically a point and click algebra book

  • loads of tables, definitions, formulas, constants for algebra, geometry, trig
  • discussion board; lots of links

  • has many multiplication tables

  • help with word problems (see also purplemath)
Web sites organized by topics that students need help with:

Numbers and four basic operations:

Fractions and decimals; converting, using, applying, representing:

Basic algebra; using symbols, variables, equations

Solving equations

Word problems:

How to use calculators