Additional Programs

Plastic Film

Lewis University began collecting plastic film in November of 2013. Trex helped to launch the program by donating 12 cardboard collection bins. These bins have been dispersed throughout campus, including Charlie’s Place, The College of Nursing, De La Salle hall, Dorothy Day, LRC, Mother Teresa, North Hall, Pope John Paul II, Science Center, St. Charles, Student Union and Sheil Hall.

Plastic film cannot be recycled in our traditional curbside bins; this type of plastic requires a different type of treatment in order to be recycled. The bags that end up in a traditional recycling sorting facility can cause damage to the machines and/or end up in a landfill. It is important to make sure that this material is recycled properly into the designated plastic film recycling containers on campus. Before recycling plastic bags, look for ways to reduce the amount of plastic bags you use and to reuse them as well. Recycling is the last step towards reducing your personal consumption footprint, use a reusable bag or bring the old plastic ones to the store to use again or use them as trash liners around the house first.

The materials collected through this program include, shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, Ziploc bags, plastic film packaging, bread bags, produce bags, ice bags, news paper bags, and any other type of plastic film.

Printer and Toner Cartridge Recycle

Toner and ink cartridges can be dropped off at Shipping and Receiving to be recycled. These items can be easily recycled through this program and will reduce the amount of raw materials used in producing the cartridges. While recycling toner and ink cartridges is important, the first step should be to increase the lifespan by reducing the amount printed. Before printing find ways to save ink, check over documents to reduce overprinting and check for ways to reduce the ink volume on your printer.

Battery Recycling

Sending batteries into a landfill is not only wasteful, but has the potential to be dangerous to our health. The chemicals can leach out and create problems in the surrounding environment, including our groundwater. In order to combat this growing issue, Lewis University has started a battery recycling program. Whenever you find yourself replacing batteries, please drop off the used batteries at the Facilities Department. From there the batteries will be sorted and sent to a secondary facility to be properly recycled.

All types of batteries are accepted through this program.

Construction Waste

Lewis University is collecting asphalt and concrete that is removed during construction projects on campus and ensuring that it is sent to a facility to be recycled. Some of the materials collected have been given a second life on campus and is reused during new construction projects. The material collected is being diverted from a landfill and sent to a secondary facility that is able to reuse the materials to create new products instead.

Green Cup Program
Faculty and staff members were given a “Choose to Reuse” reusable mug and are encouraged to use them by discounts available around campus. By choosing to use a reusable cup, the amount of waste that enters the landfill from disposable coffee cups is greatly reduced. Bring in a reusable mug to any food service location to receive complementary coffee; if you do not bring a reusable mug the coffee will cost $0.25.