Oremus Fine Arts Center

The Fine Arts Center consists of three rooms: the Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery opened in February 2013 and is 644 sq. ft., the conference room is 529 sq. ft., and the reception area is 1363 sq. ft.  All rooms are connected by

Theatre Marquee
double French pocket doors.  All three rooms have wall space and lighting suitable for art.  By combining all three rooms, up to 50 pieces of two dimensional art can be exhibited.  Additionally, there is plenty of floor space for sculpture and three dimensional art and a large storage room.

The new spaces for the Theatre Department include the new studio theatre (black box) that will contain movable seating risers for many different configurations of the stage space and seating locations.  It will seat approximately 80-100 patrons, depending on the configuration. It is located above the new gallery area with a staircase to its lobby located in the student lounge/reception area of the gallery. It is connected to the second floor makeup room.

Since the old scene shop was demolished for the new gallery, the new shop was built directly behind the backstage area.  The second floor above the shop is a new storage area for props, furniture, set pieces and archival material.

The lobby was also completely remodeled with new walls, a terrazzo floor and a new revolving door entrance and outside marquee.  The lobby also received a men’s and women’s handicapped accessible restroom. New carpeting, and a new heating and cooling system have been installed in the Philip Lynch Theatre.

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