Proposal Review Process and Review Criteria

Upon receipt of submitted proposals, the Co-Directors of the Doherty Center will convene a review panel for evaluation of each proposal. The review panel will consist of two to three faculty members from the Doherty Coordinating Committee who will provide research design expertise and two to three faculty members who will contribute content expertise applicable to the submitted proposal. External consultants will be identified as needed based on the scope of the proposal and the content area.

Proposals are first screened by the Co-Directors to assure that applications are relevant to health and/or aviation and all required proposal elements have been uploaded on the Doherty Center website. (See application instructions).
Proposals are then distributed to reviewers and evaluated using the rubric on the next page.
Proposal review outcomes are:

  • Approved, no changes needed
  • Conditional approval – pending clarifications specified
  • Tabled – revise and resubmit
  • Not approved

Funding recommendations are reviewed by the Co-Directors and submitted to the Provost.
Funding decisions are communicated to the applicant(s) in writing.