Doherty Center for Aviation and Health Research

Proposal Application Requirements

Research Proposal Format

  • Title Page
  • Abstract (maximum 250 words)
  • 3-5 page summary providing:
    Purpose and specific aims
    Background and significance to health and/or aviation
    Methodology (include a description of the design, sample, variables, measures and instruments, procedures, data analysis)
  • Human subjects’ protection (if using human subjects IRB approval must be submitted with proposal along with certification of IRB training).
  • Cited references
  • Relevant supporting documents (attach copies of survey instruments used to collect data, consent and debriefing forms)
  • Budget
  • Statement addressing how this research will advance the goals of the Doherty Center.
  • Doherty Center Application Review by Academic Dean and Department Chair/Program Director Form
  • Biosketch
  • Timeline
  • Consultants (if used)
  • Description of Facilities/Setting (if appropriate)

Project/Initiative Proposal Format:

Submit completed proposals in one comprehensive document to