Faculty Funded Work

Food for Thought: A Faculty Symposium for the Fall 2011-Spring 2012 Academic Year

Dr. Ewa Bacon


I am organizing a two semester long symposium (Food for Thought) at Lewis University to address the issue of FOOD in our lives: how it affects our health, our physical relationship to food, how we use and abuse food, our spiritual relationship to food, how we grow our food, how we incorporate our ideas about food into our literature and our cinema. More than thirty faculty members from three colleges (CAS, CONHP, COE) have made commitments to present to our students and community on various issues dealing with food. (A preliminary program is presented below.) Our primary audience is the Lewis University student body though all programming will be open to and promoted to the community. The symposium will be promoted by the Arts and Ideas program calendar and the Culture and Civilization (general education) classes. I have also submitted a proposal to the First Year Reader Committee to select a book on food and nutrition issues (Michael Pollan's Botany of Desire). A service learning project sponsored by the Biology Department will open the Fall semester programming with food raised in a community garden on the Lewis campus. The presentations of the Food for Thought address issues which are on the forefront of our society: production of food, eating of food, illnesses associated with food, the history of food, as well as the global reach of foods. The response of the faculty to this topic has been nothing short of remarkable.