The Father Aquinas Award

A Lewis University tradition, the Father Aquinas Colgan Award has been presented to an outstanding undergraduate student at each of the University’s Commencement Exercises since 1955. The award recognizes a graduating senior who has demonstrated personal and intellectual growth during his or her years at Lewis University.

Award Criteria and Nomination Guidelines
Please take a moment to review the criteria below and nominate a graduating senior for this award. The student will be recognized at the Undergraduate Degree Ceremony and will receive a commemorative plaque and special gift from the Alumni Association of Lewis University. The recipient will also be seated on the platform with other VIPs during the ceremony and be recognized in the program booklet. 

Students nominated for this award must…

  • Have demonstrated personal and intellectual growth that was made possible by his or her Lewis University educational experience.
  • Be an undergraduate student who has qualified and applied for graduation.
  • Have acquired 90 credit hours at Lewis University
  • Have a minimum Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) of 3.0.

A list of the students who have applied for graduation and who have achieved the required G.P.A. is posted on Blackboard in the “Mission and Heritage Resources” shell (located on the Support tab in the Resources – Faculty/Staff section). Once in the shell, click on “Projects” among the menu choices and then open the folder called “Fr. Aquinas Award.”

After nominations are received, the students will be invited to complete an application form and brief essay and then may be invited to participate in an interview with the Mission Recognition and Awards Committee of the Mission and Heritage Council, which is composed of Lewis University faculty and staff.

Nomination Instructions
To nominate a student for this honor, please e-mail the name of the student who, to the best of your knowledge, fits the above criteria, to Margaret Grabowski, Associate Director of Mission & Identity. Please send your e-mail to