Center for Academic Technology Solutions

Workshops & Certifications

In addition to providing educational technologies, the CATS Team offers workshops giving you the tools to maximize the technology's effectiveness.


Generally 1.5 to 2 hours in length and generally focus on a single topic.

Online-Blended Certification

Intended for:

  • Instructors of online or blended courses
  • Instructors of face-to-face courses who wish to add online components to their courses
  • Course Developers
  • Support staff
  • Those who are interested in knowing more about Online Learning tools and/or pedagogy

Many Lewis University programs are now requiring certification to teach online or blended courses.  Participation will result in receiving a Certification as an online and/blended instructor. You can expect to learn the technical competencies of navigating Blackboard and its’ tools as well as the pedagogy associated with quality online and/or blended courses.

Online/Blended Certification Level I - Facilitation

  • 4 modules/courses
    • Getting Started (Orientation)
    • Enhancing Communication
    • Building Online Communities
    • Assessing Learners
  • Time commitment:  approximately 20 hours

Online/Blended Certification Level II - Advanced Facilitation and Course Development

  • Prerequisite:  Level I Certification
  • 3 modules/courses
    • Monitoring Student Progress
    • Building Courses
    • Designing Engaging Content
  • Time commitment:  approximately 20 hours

Online/Blended Certification Level I & II - Delivered Face-to-Face

  • Annual June Bootcamp - 4 Days - 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
    • 2014 Dates are June 2nd - 5th 
  • Other formats as arranged

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