Center for Academic Technology Solutions (CATS)


Welcome to the Center for Academic Technology Solutions (CATS). The CATS Team works collaboratively with all areas of the university to provide and support a culture of innovative uses of educational technologies to engage and empower learning experiences based on best practices and research.


Your Experienced Instructional Design Team:
Suzan Sollie
Nancy O'Sullivan
Lisa Caldwell

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is a systematic planning process by which instruction is improved through analysis of learning needs and development of learning materials. The benefit of instructional design begins with the learner. It focuses on the learner experience, engaging learners in active learning with a meaningful context and improving student achievement. 

Fundamentals of instructional design include:

  • understanding your learners,
  • clearly defining course goals, objectives, and learning outcomes,
  • creating engaging activities and assignments,
  • creating rubrics and metrics to support learning objectives, and
  • utilizing technology and multimedia to enhance the student learning experience.

The CATS instructional design team is committed to working closely with the Lewis community.