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Transfer Guide

Central New Mexico Community College Transfer Guide

Shortly, you will be completing your education at Central New Mexico Community College and are now interested in continuing your education by enrolling in the Accelerated Degree Completion Program at Lewis University. You have the unique opportunity to transfer your Associate Degree to Lewis University in a smooth and seamless manner through the Transfer Agreement with Central New Mexico Community College. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your career and college plans with an advisor or counselor both at Central New Mexico Community College and Lewis University. This will ensure an accurate transition into the Accelerated Degree Completion Program.

Admission Requirements

  • Should be 21 years of age.
  • Have earned a minimum of 12 semester (18 quarters) hours of transferable credit at a regionally accredited post-secondary institution;
  • Have earned a minimum of a 2.0 (4.0 scale) cumulative transfer GPA, based on all transferable courses to be considered for admission;

Transfer Requirements

  • Credits earned through PLA cannot be used for satisfying the transfer credit hour requirement for admission into an accelerated degree program.
  • Business course grades of C or higher will be accepted for transfer into the major.
  • Generally, a maximum of 72 credits from a community college may transferred
  • A consortium agreement allows Lewis and CNM to coordinate financial aid

How to Enroll

  • Complete the application at
  • Submit official transcripts for all college work and certifications. Transcripts should be mailed to:
        Lewis University
        2440 Louisiana Blvd., NE
        Albuquerque, NM 87110

  • Meet with an enrollment representative from Lewis University for Orientation.
Lewis University Central New Mexico
Community College
General Education Courses
LN111 College Writing I ENG 1101 College Writing
LN112 College Writing II ENG 1102 Analytic and Argumentative Writing
LK112 Introduction to Human Communication COMM 1130 Public Speaking
LG230 Finite Mathematics MATH 1210 Methods of Problem Solving -OR- MATH 1315 College Algebra
Natural Science: (2 courses, no labs) ANTH 1150 Evolutionary Anthropology
ASTR 1010 Introduction to Astronomy
ASTR 1110 Introduction to Astronomy II
BIO 1010 Biology for Non-Majors
BIO 1110 Environmental Science
CHEM 1410 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 1710 General Chemistry I
CHEM 2210 Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
GEOG 1101 Physical Geography
PHYS 1010 Introduction to Physics
PHYS 1510 Physics I
PHYS 1710 General Physics I
Social Science:
LE200 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics
2 additional courses with at least 3 credits outside of ECON
ECON 2200 Macroeconomics (grade of “C” or better to transfer)
ANTH 1101 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 1120 Archaeology: Discovering our Past
ANTH 1130 Cultures of the World
ECON 1101 Introduction to Economics
GEOG 2201 World Regional Geography
HIST 1101 Western Civilization I
HIST 1102 Western Civilization II
HIST 1161 History of United States I
HIST 1162 History of United States II
PSCI 1110The Political World
PSCI 2200 US Politics
PSCI 2210 State and Local Politics
PSY 1105 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 2220 Developmental Psychology PSY 2271 Social Psychology
SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2211 Social Problems
SOC 2225 Sociology of Family
SOC 2235 Sociology of Gender
Fine Arts/Humanities: (3 courses in at least 2 areas)
ENG 1150 Study of Literature
ENG 2206 Popular Literature: Detective Novel
ENG 2207 Popular Literature: Science Fiction
ENG 2208 Popular Literature: Espionage Fiction
ENG 2209 Popular Literature: Western
ENG 2210 Film as Literature
ENG 2251 Introduction to Dramatic Literature
ENG 2252 Introduction to Shakespeare
GNH 1121 General Honors: The Ancient Legacy
GNH 1122 General Honors: The Modern Legacy
GNH 2221 Understanding Evil
HUM 1111 Cultures of Civ Ancient to Renaissance
HUM 1121 Cultures of Civ Renaissance to Present
PHIL 1110 Introduction to Philosophical Thought
PHIL 1156 Logic and Critical Thinking
RLGN 1107 Living World Religions
RLGN 2240 Ancient Religions
RLGN 2263 Eastern Religions

Fine Arts:
ARTH 1101 Introduction to Art
ARTH 2200 Women in Art
ARTH 2201 History of Art I
ARTH 2202 History of Art II
ARTH 2250 Modern Art
ARTH 2251 Art of the American Southwest
ARTH 2260 Architectural History
ENG 2213 Film Genres: Comedy
ENG 2214 Film Genres: Film Noir
ENG 2215 Film Genres: Hitchcock/Kubrik
ENG 2216 Film Genres: World Cinema
MUS 1139 Early Music Appreciation
MUS 1140 Modern Music Appreciation
MUS 1172 Introduction to Jazz
THEA 1122 Introduction to Theatre
Mission-Based Courses:
LY330 Ethics
3 credits in Theology
LC290 Cultural Diversity in American Society
PHIL 1102 Ethics in Society
No equivalent
No equivalent

Lewis University Central New Mexico
Community College
Major Course Requirements
All of the following courses require a grade of “C” or better to transfer
LL-300 Introduction to Applied Social Sciences
LL-320 Life, Career, and the Emerging Workplace
LL-330 Social Theory
LL-340 Organizational Development
LL-360 Leadership and Organizational Change  
LL-400 Learning in Organizational Studies  
LL-420 Leadership for Service  
LL-430 Organizational Text and Discourse  
LL-440 Organizational Research Analysis
LL-450 Internship  
LL Related Elective 1 Any combination of 4 of the 10 courses below:
IT 1010 Intro. To Computers,
BA 2238 Human Resources Mgt
LL Related Elective 2
BA 1133 Principles Of Mgt
BA 2234 Org Behavior
LL Related Elective 3
BA 2153 Team Bldg for Quality
BA 2155 Quality Leadership
LL Related Elective 4
BA 2282 Leadership & Group Dynamics
PSY 2271 Social Psych
PSY 2200 Stat. Principles
PSY 2265 Cognitive Psych
General Electives
Any 41 additional credit hours Any 41 hours of non-remedial courses


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