Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


- R -
Ramsey Community Emily Martinez
Rantoul Township Emily Martinez
Rauner College Prep Haleigh Rajnic
Reavis Sean Whitten
Red Bud Emily Martinez
Red Hill Emily Martinez
Reed-Custer Emily Martinez
Regina Dominican Ryan Cockerill
Renaissance Preparatory High School Sean Whitten
Rescue Missionary Christian School Emily Martinez
Resurrection Ryan Cockerill
Rich Central Francesca Romo
Rich East Francesca Romo
Rich South Francesca Romo
Richard T. Crane Medical Prep. Haleigh Rajnic
Richards Vocational Cody Fuerst
Richards, Harold L. Francesca Romo
Richmond-Burton Community Ryan Cockerill
Richwoods Emily Martinez
Ridgeview Emily Martinez
Ridgewood Ryan Cockerill
Ridgewood Baptist Emily Martinez
River Ridge Haleigh Rajnic
Riverdale Haleigh Rajnic
Riverside-Brookfield Sean Whitten
Riverton Emily Martinez
Roanoke-Benson Emily Martinez
Robeson, Paul Emily Martinez
Robinson Emily Martinez
Rochelle Township Haleigh Rajnic
Rochester Emily Martinez
Rock Falls Township Haleigh Rajnic
Rock Island Haleigh Rajnic
Rockford Christian High School Haleigh Rajnic
Rockford East Haleigh Rajnic
Rockford Iqra School Haleigh Rajnic
Rockford Lutheran Haleigh Rajnic
Rockridge Emily Martinez
Rolling Meadows Ryan Cockerill
Romeoville Ryan Cockerill
Romeoville Christian Academy Sean Whitten
Roosevelt Ryan Cockerill
Rosary Haleigh Rajnic
Roseville Emily Martinez
Rossville-Alvin Emily Martinez
Round Lake Ryan Cockerill
Routt Emily Martinez
Rowe-Clark Math Science Academy Haleigh Rajnic
Rowva Emily Martinez
Roxana Emily Martinez
Roycemore School Ryan Cockerill
Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy Sean Whitten
Rushville Emily Martinez