Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


- P -
Palatine Chris Stevens
Palestine Ryan Cockerill
Pana Caleigh O'Connell
Paris (CLOSED) Ryan Cockerill
Paris Cooperative High Schl 95 Caleigh O'Connell
Paris Cooperative High School 04 Caleigh O'Connell
Parker, Francis W. Kaitlyn Sullivan
Patoka Community Ryan Cockerill
Pawnee Caleigh O'Connell
Paw-Paw Kaitlyn Sullivan
Paxton-Buckley-Loda Caleigh O'Connell
Payton, Walter College Prep Kaitlyn Sullivan
Peace & Education Coalition Alt Program Ryan Cockerill
Pearl City Kaitlyn Sullivan
Pecatonica Kaitlyn Sullivan
Pekin Community Caleigh O'Connell
Peoria Caleigh O'Connell
Peoria Christian Caleigh O'Connell
Peoria Heights Caleigh O'Connell
Peoria Manual Caleigh O'Connell
Peotone Caleigh O'Connell
Perspectives - Calumet HS of Tech Caleigh O'Connell
Perspectives - IIT Math/Sci Academy Ryan Cockerill
Perspectives Charter - Joslin Ryan Cockerill
Perspectives Leadership Acad-Calumet HS Kaitlyn Sullivan
Phillips, Wendell Ryan Cockerill
Phoenix Military Academy Kaitlyn Sullivan
Pinckneyville Ryan Cockerill
Pinckneyville Christian Acad Ryan Cockerill
Pittsfield Caleigh O'Connell
Plainfield Central Kaitlyn Sullivan
Plainfield East Kaitlyn Sullivan
Plainfield North High School Kaitlyn Sullivan
Plainfield South Kaitlyn Sullivan
Plano Community Kaitlyn Sullivan
Pleasant Hill Caleigh O'Connell
Pleasant Plains Caleigh O'Connell
Polo Community Kaitlyn Sullivan
Pontiac Township Caleigh O'Connell
Pope County Ryan Cockerill
Porta Caleigh O'Connell
Prairie Central Caleigh O'Connell
Prairie Ridge Kaitlyn Sullivan
Princeton Caleigh O'Connell
Princeville Caleigh O'Connell
Pritzker College Prep Kaitlyn Sullivan
Prologue Alternative Kaitlyn Sullivan
Prophetstown Kaitlyn Sullivan
Prospect Chris Stevens
Prosser Career Academy Kaitlyn Sullivan
Providence Caleigh O'Connell
Providence - St Mel Kaitlyn Sullivan
Proviso East Ryan Cockerill
Proviso Math & Science Academy Ryan Cockerill
Proviso West Ryan Cockerill
Putnam County Caleigh O'Connell