Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


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La Moille Haleigh Rajnic
La Salle-Peru Township Emily Martinez
Lake County Baptist Ryan Cockerill
Lake Forest Ryan Cockerill
Lake Forest Academy Ryan Cockerill
Lake Park High School Ryan Cockerill
Lake View Academy Ryan Cockerill
Lake View High School Ryan Cockerill
Lake Zurich Ryan Cockerill
Lakes Community High School Ryan Cockerill
Lane Tech Ryan Cockerill
Lanphier Emily Martinez
Larkin Haleigh Rajnic
Latin School of Chicago Haleigh Rajnic
Latino Youth Alternative Sean Whitten
Lawrence Hall Youth Services Ryan Cockerill
Lawrenceville Emily Martinez
Lebanon Emily Martinez
Legal Prep Charter Academy Haleigh Rajnic
Leland Haleigh Rajnic
Lemont Township Cody Fuerst
Lena Winslow Haleigh Rajnic
Leo Emily Martinez
Leroy Emily Martinez
Lewistown Community Emily Martinez
Lexington Emily Martinez
Liberty Community Emily Martinez
Libertyville Ryan Cockerill
Limestone Community Emily Martinez
Lincoln Community Emily Martinez
Lincoln Park Haleigh Rajnic
Lincoln Way North Francesca Romo
Lincoln-Way Central Francesca Romo
Lincoln-Way East Francesca Romo
Lincoln-Way West Francesca Romo
Lincolnwood Emily Martinez
Lindblom Math and Science Academy Emily Martinez
Lisle Cody Fuerst
Litchfield Senior Emily Martinez
Livingston Emily Martinez
Lockport Township - East Ryan Cockerill
Logos Christian Academy Ryan Cockerill
Lovejoy Emily Martinez
Lovington Emily Martinez
Lowpoint-Washburn Emily Martinez
Loyola Academy Ryan Cockerill
Luther East Francesca Romo
Luther North Ryan Cockerill
Luther South Emily Martinez
Lutheran HS (Springfield) Emily Martinez
Lyons Township Sean Whitten