Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


- I -
Ida Crown Jewish Academy Ryan Cockerill
IL Ctr For Rehab & Ed Sean Whitten
IL Math & Science Academy Haleigh Rajnic
IL Sch For Visually Imp. Ryan Cockerill
IL School For The Deaf Ryan Cockerill
Illiana Christian Francesca Romo
Illini Bluffs Ryan Cockerill
Illini Central Ryan Cockerill
Illini West High School Ryan Cockerill
Illinois Lutheran Francesca Romo
Illinois Valley Central Ryan Cockerill
Illiopolis Ryan Cockerill
Immaculate Conception Sean Whitten
Indian Creek Haleigh Rajnic
Industry Ryan Cockerill
Infinity Math, Sci & Tech HS Sean Whitten
Innovations High School Haleigh Rajnic
Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy Sean Whitten
Iroquois West Ryan Cockerill
Islamic Foundation School Ryan Cockerill