Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


- G -
Gage Park Caleigh O'Connell
Galatia Ryan Cockerill
Galena Kaitlyn Sullivan
Galesburg Senior Caleigh O'Connell
Gallatin Ryan Cockerill
Galva Caleigh O'Connell
Gardner-So.Wilmington Caleigh O'Connell
Garfield Alternative Caleigh O'Connell
Gary Comer College Prep Caleigh O'Connell
Ged Test Ryan Cockerill
Geneseo High School Kaitlyn Sullivan
Geneva Community Kaitlyn Sullivan
Genoa-Kingston Kaitlyn Sullivan
George Westinghouse High School Kaitlyn Sullivan
Georgetown Caleigh O'Connell
Gibault Ryan Cockerill
Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley Caleigh O'Connell
Gillespie Caleigh O'Connell
Girard (CLOSED) Caleigh O'Connell
Glenbard East Ryan Cockerill
Glenbard North Ryan Cockerill
Glenbard South Ryan Cockerill
Glenbard West Ryan Cockerill
Glenbrook North Chris Stevens
Glenbrook South Chris Stevens
Glenwood Caleigh O'Connell
Global Citizenship Experience H S Kaitlyn Sullivan
Global Visions Academy Caleigh O'Connell
Golder College Prep - Campus of Noble Kaitlyn Sullivan
Gordon Technical Chris Stevens
Goreville Ryan Cockerill
Grace Baptist Academy Ryan Cockerill
Granite City Ryan Cockerill
Grant Community Chris Stevens
Grant Park Caleigh O'Connell
Grayslake Central Community HS Chris Stevens
Grayslake North High School Chris Stevens
Grayville Ryan Cockerill
Greater Lawndale HS for Social Justice Ryan Cockerill
Greenfield Caleigh O'Connell
Greenview Caleigh O'Connell
Greenville Ryan Cockerill
Gridley (Closed) Ryan Cockerill
Griggsville-Perry Caleigh O'Connell
Guerin Prep High School Ryan Cockerill
Guilford Kaitlyn Sullivan