Counselors' Illinois High Schools Territory

You can get a list of Illinois High Schools by selecting a letter below. Click on the Counselor name to get his/her biography.
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Illinois High School


- A -
Abington Ryan Cockerill
Ac Central Caleigh O'Connell
Acacia Academy Chris Stevens
Acad of Comm & Charter Ryan Cockerill
Academy of Scholastic Achievement Ryan Cockerill
ACE Tech Charter High School Sean Whitten
Ada S McKinley Therapeutic/ Educ Prog Caleigh O'Connell
Addison Trail Natalie Castro
Air Force Academy High School Sean Whitten
Al Raby School for Comm & Envi Ryan Cockerill
Alcott High School for Humanities Ryan Cockerill
Alden - Hebron Chris Stevens
Alexis Caleigh O'Connell
Alleman Ryan Cockerill
Altamont Caleigh O'Connell
Althoff Catholic Caleigh O'Connell
Alton Senior Caleigh O'Connell
Alwood Senior Caleigh O'Connell
Amboy Ryan Cockerill
American School Ryan Cockerill
Amundsen Chris Stevens
Andrew Emily Grimm
Anna-Jonesboro Community Caleigh O'Connell
Annawan Ryan Cockerill
Antioch Community Chris Stevens
Antonia Pantoja Chris Stevens
Applied Arts Science and Tech Natalie Castro
Aqsa School Caleigh O'Connell
Aquin Central Catholic Ryan Cockerill
Arcola Caleigh O'Connell
Argenta-Oreana Caleigh O'Connell
Argo Community Natalie Castro
Armstrong Caleigh O'Connell
Arthur Caleigh O'Connell
Ashton-Franklin Center HS Ryan Cockerill
Astoria Caleigh O'Connell
Athens Caleigh O'Connell
Atwood-Hammond Caleigh O'Connell
Auburn (Auburn) Caleigh O'Connell
Auburn (Rockford) Ryan Cockerill
Aurora Central Catholic Ryan Cockerill
Aurora Christian Ryan Cockerill
Austin Business & Entrepreneurship Natalie Castro
Austin Career Education Center Natalie Castro
Austin Polytechnical Academy Natalie Castro
Avon Caleigh O'Connell