The Lasallian Advantage

We are often asked, what does it mean to be a Lasallian University and what difference will that make to me as a student at Lewis?

As a Catholic and Lasallian University, Lewis offers many advantages that ensure both a successful college experience and strong preparation for your future.

Here are just a few examples to help you better understand the Lasallian Advantage:

Characteristics of Lasallian Universities


Lewis is part of a global network of nearly 70 universities and colleges sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers

  • You become part of an international network of over 1 million students

  • You will have opportunities for international study and experiences

  • We bring a global perspective to your education


Special emphasis is placed on, personalized student-faculty interaction and small class size

  • Your professors know you by name

  • There are no teaching assistants

  • 90% of our classes have fewer than 30 students

  • Professors will motivate you to be your best and realize your full potential


Lewis emphasizes a balance between traditional liberal arts and practical career preparation

  • We help you discover your interests and connect you with a major and future career

  • Our programs are contemporary and current

  • Our professors bring real-world experiences into the classroom

  • Our graduates get good jobs


Service to others and community is an important activity for students

  • Your education will include out of classroom experiences

  • You will be active and involved - not a bystander

  • Our spirit of association fosters community in all teaching, learning and service


Ethics, values and respect for each individual are central to all that we do

  • You will develop all of your skills

  • You will experience and appreciate diversity

  • We prepare leaders, contributors and difference makers


The founder of the Christian Brothers, St. John Baptist De La Salle, is the patron saint of educators

  • Primary focus is on education and teaching

  • You will benefit from a 325 year tradition of success

  • We embrace new technologies and learning styles