• Lewis' theology curriculum offers a unique focus on communication and critical thinking. Faculty members challenge students to deeper analysis and reflection through class projects and assignments. Papers and presentations give students an opportunity to hone their abilities in writing and speech, so they can communicate ideas more effectively.

  • Small class sizes and involved faculty members offer you personalized learning. Faculty members work with students to customize academic programs to their needs, and small classes provide more opportunities for interactive discussion. So students develop deeper relationships with professors and with each other.

  • If you long to travel, you will find the opportunity here. Each year, theology faculty members and students visit Italy, touring churches and museums in cities such as Rome, Assisi, Florence and Ravenna. Travel-study courses are also being developed for Turkey and Mexico.

  • The minor in Theology offers a great supplement to any other major, helping students navigate life's moral and ethical decisions while learning more about their own values. We especially encourage Education majors to consider pursing a minor or a double major.