Business Administration, B.S. (Accelerated)

Learn how to lead all facets of a business enterprise.

Designed for the convenience of the working adult, Lewis' Business Administration program will prepare you for effective enterprise leadership - ready to make strategic decisions with the future in mind.

Every company is on the lookout for new leaders. Leaders able to navigate the ever-evolving, rapid-fire nature of the 21st century. Leaders who can think on their feet and react to new threats and new opportunities. Globalization. Technology. Economic turbulence. Whatever's around the corner. All while effectively managing people, processes and systems into the future.

You can gain the knowledge these companies are looking for.
With a curriculum that focuses on practical, hands-on skills, you will be precisely prepared with the abilities and knowledge you will use on the job - helping public, private and nonprofit organizations make smarter business decisions.

As a Business Administration degree student at Lewis University, you will learn:
  • How individuals and organizations interact in a wired, global society
  • How to effectively manage people, processes and organizational resources
  • Smart decision-making and successful team-building strategies
  • Core business disciplines such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management, leadership, information technology and quantitative decision making
100% Online Option
We also offer this degree program in a completely flexible online format to help you balance education and your personal life.

Community College Transfer Guides
See how your existing  coursework transfers over. Contact us or learn more about our agreements with local community colleges, including:
College of DuPage
Joliet Junior College
Moraine Valley Community College

MBA Fast-Track Option
Plus, many of our students use this Business Administration program to fast-track their MBA in as few as 10 additional courses with Lewis' Fast-Track MBA Program.

In this economic climate, there are few investments that beat out the return of a business degree. Start customizing your Business Administration degree program curriculum today!

Student Talk

  • Bryan Durkin '82 '93
    Chief Commercial Officer, CME Group

    "Graduates are prepared to contribute to your field of study, to your community, and to your family."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Jaime Marcial

    "After three years pursuing a Bachelors in Science Business Administration degree at Lewis, my leadership and communication skills improved greatly. I helped my team increase its productivity and efficiency substantially. My professors were a constant source of inspiration and knowledge."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Patrick Dalton

    "I have many friends who are alumni of Lewis University. They really played up how great of a college it was. Now that I am here, I can see why they loved it so much! Great professors give you the hands-on attention you may need. Also, I find it rewarding to learn alongside other adults who bring real life experience to each class."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Kimberly Becker

    "Single parenthood, working full-time and going to school simultaneously was a daunting undertaking. Lewis University's Adult Accelerated Program was a perfect fit. It allowed me to attend at my own pace - with other adult students who understood the priorities of family life and career."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Mike Schaefer

    "Lewis has a campus near my home, and another near my work - giving me enough time to see my wife and children before class, and work a full day without needing to leave early."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Richard Devereaux

    "I was a project manager for a construction company for over 10 years. Unfortunately, when the housing crisis occurred I found myself in a rather uncomfortable position. My education here at Lewis has really helped me tremendously in my career transition."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Lauren Heneise

    "I work nearly 50 hours a week as the operating partner of my coffee shop. But, Lewis' flexible course offerings help fit getting my degree into my already crazy schedule. Plus, the things I've learned in this program have already helped me completely re-organize my business and better manage my employees."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Eleni Fosses

    "Both my personal and professional growth has been supported by this program. I have gained a great deal of respect from my colleagues. I have gone from having one direct report to having nine. I have gained poise in meetings. And my confidence level has increased tenfold."

  • Business Administration degree program
    David Peterson

    "I needed to finish my degree if I wanted to advance beyond my current position at work. Lewis' main and satellite campuses make it very convenient to complete a degree."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Brandi Schuler

    "I'm earning my bachelor's degree from Lewis University in the same amount of time it would take to finish my associate's degree at a community college."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Mona Smith

    "I am a full-time working married mother of two. Needless to say, I was very busy trying to juggle all these areas of my life and it wasn't easy; however, Lewis' accelerated program was flexible and allowed me to move at my own pace."

  • Business Administration degree program
    Wayne & Laura Hutton

    "We had both come to a point in our lives when our lack of college education became a limiting factor in our careers. Fortuitously, we received an invitation to Lewis University Open House in the mail. After hearing all that Lewis had to offer, we decided that the School for Professional Continuing Education was the right fit for us."