Adult Accelerated Academic Advising

Academic advising is available through the School for Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) for all adult students enrolled at the University. Once a new student is formally admitted to a degree program, the student is assigned an academic advisor who will provide information and guidance regarding the degree plans, course schedules,

Academic Advising Services
registration processes, student support services, academic policies and procedures, etc. The Academic Advisor is assigned to the student at the time of admission by the Office of Graduate and Adult Admission. The Academic Advisor can also assist the student in developing and evaluating the progress toward an educational plan consistent with their life and career goals and objectives.

Academic advising services for Lewis University adult students are delivered in a convenient, expedient, and personalized manner. Utilized by corporations, labor unions, professional and volunteer organizations, schools, government agencies and training suppliers, ACE provides course equivalency information to facilitate credit award decisions. The student is responsible for submitting official copies of all transcripts of credits earned for consideration according to the current enrollment and admission policies of the University at the time of application.

Academic advising services are coordinated by an SPCE academic advisor by appointment on-site at all five Lewis University campuses, and also by phone and e-mail.

For more information about academic advising services, students are encouraged to contact the School for Professional and Continuing Education by phone at (815) 836-5570 or by e-mail at