Scholars Academy


Typical Concerns of Prospective Student Scholars
As Answered by the Director of the Scholars Academy

How will I benefit from being in the Scholars Academy? 

  • You’ll broaden, deepen, and add value to your education at Lewis.
  • You’ll be recognized at college awards events and at university graduation ceremonies.
  • You’ll work more closely with professors.
  • You’ll be participating in an Academy known nationally for its non-traditional approach to honors education.
  • You’ll be more competitive on the job market with a Scholars or Distinguished Diploma in hand, an electronic portfolio of your work available to prospective employers, contacts you make through Scholars activities, and letters of recommendation from the director and faculty members detailing your accomplishments in the program.
  • You’ll have fun. You design your own projects, travel (if you want), and meet people with similar interests.

Can I be successful in the Scholars Academy while working?

  • Most Scholars work on or off campus.
  • Scholars manage their time to create the education they want and deserve.
  • Peer support from other Scholars is one key to effective time management.

Can I be successful in the Academy and still play a sport?

  • Quite a few Scholars are involved in athletics.
  • The flexibility of the program provides opportunities for athletes to participate, especially in non-sport semesters.

I’m a first-year student and don’t want to get deeply involved until I feel comfortable. I don’t want any more on my plate during my first semester at Lewis.

  • You may begin participating in the Academy during any semester in your first or second year. The choice is yours.
  • Many students find that they can get started in the program by the second semester of their first year, once they have adjusted to academic life.

How much flexibility do I have in choosing the curriculum?

  • Within the program framework, you can construct your own Scholars curriculum to fit your interests and work schedule.
  • As a Scholar, you experience enriched versions of the courses you would take anyway.

Will participating in the Scholars Academy affect my GPA?

  • Grades for Connections courses are factored into your GPA.
  • Grades for course contracts do not affect your overall GPA, as grades for courses are separate from those for special projects.

Do instructors in my major offer Scholars contracts?

  • Faculty members from all majors participate in the program.

How does the Scholars Academy of Lewis University differ from honors programs at other colleges and universities?

  • The Academy places a premium on interactivity and student responsibility and student-initiated projects. You will find great freedom in the Academy because it allows you considerable flexibility and input.
  • There are numerous entry points into the program, not simply one at the beginning of your matriculation.