Public Policy, B.S.

Make a direct impact on the success and well-being of your community.

Prepare for an active role in local, state and national governments with a Public Administration degree from Lewis.

Our government needs skillful leaders - now more than ever. By pursuing a degree in Public Administration, you will develop a deep understanding of the realities of the political process, and become a catalyst for positive change, helping our government function more effectively.

Internship Opportunities
Every Public Administration degree student receives an internship placement with a Public Administration professional in the community. By working alongside administrators, policy makers and managers, you will receive powerful insight into the real world of public policy and government.

Life after Lewis
A Public Administration degree is the perfect preparation for a wide range of career options, including a government career, law school, graduate school, or working with non-profits and other corporations.

Start customizing your Public Administration, B.S. degree program curriculum