Faculty and Staff

Thomas Bristow, PsyD
Department Chair

Clinical Psychology
Office: BE – 101
Phone: (815) 836-5522
Email: bristoth@lewisu.edu

Psychology explores human behavior from various directions.  Neuropsychology’s exploration of human behavior is based on the premise that “all behavior is the result of brain behavior; brain functioning.”  My background began in clinical psychology which led me to clinical neuropsychology.  My area of interest lies in brain functioning and its relationship with the functioning of behavior.  Along with my neuropsychological background, I have also work in a correctional institution.  With this experience and neuropsychological assessment of criminal cases, I also have established a knowledge base in the field of forensic psychology. I teach primarily at the graduate level, however, I also teach undergraduate courses in forensics and specific topics in neuropsychology.

Amelia Alvarado
School Counseling Program Secretary
Office: BE-124
Phone: (815) 836-5671
Email: alvaraam@lewisu.edu

Lisa Brown, MA, LCPC
Clinical Coordinator
Office: BE-135
Phone: (815) 588-7178
Email: brownli@lewisu.edu

I am the Clinical Coordinator and an adjunct undergraduate and graduate instructor for our department. As the Clinical Coordinator, I assist undergraduates enrolled in the Field Placement course and graduate students with their internships. As an instructor, I enjoy teaching classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I value the education of my students and strive to assist them in meeting their education and career goals. I actively seek students' input to ensure that class is interactive and engaging. As a clinician, I specialize in working with children and adolescents, issues pertaining to sexuality and am certified as a Domestic Violence Professional. To provide students with a practical understanding of the mental health field, I incorporate examples from my work as a clinician. My goal as an instructor is to provide a learning environment that is engaging, safe and respectful.  

Matthew Domico, PsyD
Assistant Professor
Clinical Psychology
Office: BE-123
Phone: (815) 588-7097
Email: domicoma@lewisu.edu

I teach several courses that emphasize the scientific nature of psychology: Methods of Research, Psychobiology, Learning Theories and Applications, Psychological Testing and Evaluation, senior seminar courses, and a few graduate-level courses about counseling skills, assessment, and research. My primary teaching goals revolve around making my course material as understandable, relatable, and engaging as possible. I do this in part by using examples to link scientific concepts to mental health and real-world contexts, and also by developing unique assignments designed to teach students how to think like mental health professionals or social scientists. I believe that college should be challenging but not frustrating, so I work hard to make my course content and learning objectives clear. My research interests are broad, but I am especially interested in biological links to behavior, models of human and animal learning, the efficacy of psychotherapy, stress management, and clinical assessments that measure intelligence and personality. Beyond my role as an instructor, I also serve as the faculty advisor for the Lewis University Psychology Club, an organization that is open to all Lewis students. To learn more about Psychology Club and see our scheduled meeting dates and times, as well as which events/fundraisers we are currently working on, join our Facebook page by following the link below (or just search for “Lewis University Psychology Club” within Facebook’s search field).


Kimberly Duris, EdD, LCPC, CADC
Clinical Coordinator
Counseling Psychology
Office: BE - 131
Phone: (815) 836-5783
Email: duriski@lewisu.edu

Welcome to Lewis! I am Dr. Kimberly Duris and I teach in the Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Lewis' master's program in counseling offers students a hands-on approach to learning how to use practical counseling skills, focusing on real-life clinical scenarios and using experiential-based teaching practices in the classroom. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Certified Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC). My current area of clinical focus is on clinical supervision with master's-level counseling students and novice counselors.   

Touwanna Edwards, PsyD, LCSW, CADC
Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology
Office: BE - 127
Phone: (815) 836-5746
Email: edwardto@lewisu.edu

My name is Dr. Edwards and I hope to see some of you in my classes including: Psychology of Substance Use and Abuse; Psychology of the Minority Experience, and the often over-filled Workshop: So You Want to Be a Psychologist? My teaching style can be described as collaborative, non-traditional, and student-centered. I like to bring stories of real world practices into the classroom through film and from my many years of working as a Social Worker, Addictions Counselor, and Psychologist. My areas of specialty and research interests include advising careers in the helping professions, substance abuse issues, family dynamics, and the integration of faith-based practice with psychology.

John Greenwood, PhD
Professor & Human Resource Management Program Director
Social Psychology
Office: BE - 111
Phone: (815) 836-5367
Email: greenwjo@lewisu.edu

I am Dr. John Greenwood, the Director of the HRM Program and the advisor for most of the HRM students. I enjoy class discussions and applying content to students’ lives. I will treat you as a special person but will respect you by expecting your best efforts. I know you can succeed and will help you if you want that. I want you to learn to “see” not just “look” at the world and yourself. My greatest happiness is when students gain insight into themselves and to gain determination to grow and share their gifts with others.  I expect you to ask questions, especially hard ones, since it necessary to challenge authority properly.  Let’s grow together.

Nancy Hanley
Psychology Department Secretary
Benilde Hall
Phone: (815) 836-5594
Email: hanleyna@lewisu.edu

Lee Harsy, MS
Assistant Professor
Guidance & Personnel Services
Office: BE-136
Phone: (815) 836-5789
Email: harsyle@lewisu.edu

As an instructor in the School Counseling Graduate Program I try to combine practical and theoretical discussions and exercises. We discuss the everyday life of school counselors as well as the theory, ethics, standards and expectations of school counselors in the twenty-first century. After decades of teaching, counseling and supervising students and counselors at the middle school, high school and college level, I still find this field challenging, intriguing, exciting and fun! During the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to write about and present workshops on a wide variety of topics including college admissions, ethical behavior in students and methods used by counselors to maximize their effectiveness in a period of dwindling resources.

Katherine Helm, PhD
Professor & Graduate Programs Director
Counseling Psychology
Office: BE - 133
Phone: (815) 836-5604
Email: helmka@lewisu.edu

I enjoy teaching courses such as abnormal psychology, a seminar that focuses on relationships, as well as a wide range of workshops that explore psychological disorders and other contemporary topics. I teach through a narrative approach incorporating real live case examples from my own clinical practice to help the topics I am teaching about come alive. I actively use students' input to improve my courses and make our mutual learning experience as interactive and engaging as possible. I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses and am currently the Director of Graduate Programs in Psychology. 

Valerie Hill, PhD
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Program Director
Developmental Psychology
Office: BE - 103
Phone: (815) 836-5166
Email: hillstva@lewisu.edu

I am Dr. Valerie Hill, a Developmental Psychologist, who enjoys teaching courses such as: Infancy & Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, Statistics, Methods of Research, and Workshops that explore various aspects of human development (e.g. Parenting, Friendships, Alzheimer’s Disease). I believe the classroom is a learning environment not only from the instructor but one another as well. Therefore, my classes incorporate class discussion and application of the material to your everyday life. My research interests include children’s understanding of social relationships, student learning, and teaching practices. I am also the Undergraduate Program Director in the Psychology Department.

Ray Jamiolkowski, MS
Assistant Professor, Graduate Psychology, LaSalle Cohort
Office:  BE - 136
Phone: (815) 588-7076
Email: jamiolra@lewisu.edu

As an Assistant Professor in the School Counseling Graduate Program I strive to communicate practical methods and ideas for success as a school counselor. By combining the most recent research and practices with my experience as an elementary school teacher as well as an elementary, middle school and high school counselor; it is always my goal to prepare students for the real world tasks and duties of a counselor in the public schools. My research interests include post-secondary counseling, ethics and standardized testing.  The most important elements that a person can bring to the counseling profession are genuine compassion and advocating for the welfare of students. I feel that it is my job to nurture and cultivate this mindset in prospective school counselors.

Chwan-Shyang Jih, PhD
Experimental Psychology
Office: BE - 117
Phone: (815) 836-5364
Email: jihch@lewisu.edu

My name is Chwan-Shyang Jih, Professor of Psychology and the Psi Chi advisor. I teach courses that are required for all psychology majors to take.  They are Psychobiology, Statistics for the Social Sciences, Methods of Research, Learning Theories and Applications, and Theories of Cognition. In addition to quizzes and tests in all my courses, students in my psychobiology have to dissect sheep brain and criticize a new primary-source article that contains some physiological measures of the central nervous system of human beings. Students in my statistics need to do homework on chapter questions. In my methods of research class students need to design and conduct an empirical research that is approved by Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Students in both learning and cognition classes need to do a paper summary and comments.  All the courses I teach are very challenging and students need to ask questions in classes and do some library search and lab work. We will study and do research together and also hope we will present paper together in some conferences, such as Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA), and Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA). Students who are interested in Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, can contact me. The Lewis University Psi Chi Chapter will have an induction ceremony every semester. 

Ann Jordan, PhD
Clinical Psychology
Office: BE – 121
Phone: (815) 836-5362

My name is Dr. Ann Jordan.  I teach half-time in the Psychology Department, and I also serve as the Disability Support Specialist for CASE (the Center for Academic Success & Enrichment), helping Lewis University students who receive academic accommodations. In the department, I teach Abnormal Psychology, Research Methods, a Senior Seminar in Neuropsychology, Statistics, and several other courses.  In the classroom, I work to create a safe atmosphere where students can discuss their ideas and opinions openly. My research interests include adult ADHD, learning disabilities in college students, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and the application of neuropsychological principles to the college classroom. 

John Jurowicz, PhD
Associate Professor
Office: BE - 134
Phone: (815) 836-5607
Email: jurowijo@lewisu.edu

I received my bachelor’s degree in history, and my master’s and doctorate in counseling and counselor education from Loyola University in Chicago. I have both a school and clinical orientation, with interest and education in both areas. Although I have taught primarily at the graduate level, I also teach undergraduate courses including a Capstone: Mood and Mood Disorders, reflecting my mental health interests and my Board of Directors membership with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Greater Chicago. I also am the editor of DBSA-GC’s publication, The Spectrum. My three favorite courses to teach are Multicultural Issues in Counseling, Interviewing Skills, and Group Dynamics and Counseling. I have wide reading interests that include various social sciences such as anthropology and history. I reside on the Northwest side of Chicago with my wife. 

Edmund Kearney, PhD
Clinical Psychology
Office: BE - 129
Phone: (815) 836-5366
Email: kearneed@lewisu.edu

I been at Lewis over 20 years and teach a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. You might find me teaching core courses like Statistics and Theories of Cognition, or more applied courses like Psychotherapeutic Techniques and Field Placement. I teach from a very student-centered perspective. Your learning is my only goal. I work towards making class time productive, engaging, entertaining, and informative. 

Lindsay Miroballi, MA, LCPC
Practicum and Internship Coordinator
School Counseling Psychology
Office: BE - 135
Phone: (815) 836-5028
Email: mirobali@lewisu.edu

My name is Lindsay Miroballi, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Psychology is a fascinating science to study and can lead to a great career! Children and adolescent counseling is my specialty area, and sharing experiences from my clinical work in the classroom often leads to exciting discussions on development, family dynamics, behaviors and emotions! My approach to teaching child psychology courses is experiential and collaborative; creating a classroom environment that is engaging and interactive! Aside from teaching, I enjoy advising undergraduate students and helping my advisees explore all the possibilities available in the field of psychology.   

Susan Sheffer, PhD
Social Psychology
Office: BE - 115
Phone: (815) 836-5602
Email: sheffesu@lewisu.edu

I’m Dr. Susan Sheffer. Together we will use science to study human behavior. My background is in social psychology (the study of how people get along with and influence one another). I am passionate about teaching social psychology, statistics, and research. Essentially, I’m interested in studying all types of decision-making by answering the question: “Why did she/he do that?” If you are interested in joining my research team to help find answers to some of these questions, feel free to stop by my office and introduce yourself. 

Mariette Vandendorpe, PhD
Professor Emerita
Developmental Psychology
Office: BE - 122
Phone: (815) 836-5318
Email: vandenma@lewisu.edu

I am a Developmental Psychologist; I earned my Ph.D. in psychology at Illinois Institute of Technology. I often teach the senior seminar, psychology of women and research methods. My major research interests concern adolescent and young adult attitudes and thinking styles. I am also involved in studying ideas related to positive psychology:  happiness, wisdom and altruism. I enjoy working with our students—we have some really interesting discussions and do some challenging research!

Judy Zito, EdD
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director, School Counseling
Curriculum, Instruction & Human Resource Development
Office: BE - 137
Phone: (815) 836-5971
Email: zitoju@lewisu.edu

I am Dr. Judy Zito and I direct the School Counseling Graduate Program.  Our program is dedicated to educating graduate students who wish to work in public and private school settings as a school counselor. Our program is led by professionals who have been very successful school counselors and we bring a wide range of experiences and knowledge to our students to prepare them for the challenges of working in very diverse school settings. Our coursework is demanding but practical and is designed to assist each graduate student to build their own skill sets and resources to meet the needs of students to compete in a global society.