Student Clubs and Academic Teams

Develop essential skills and expand your network.

The more experiences you have as an undergraduate here at Lewis University, the better prepared you will be to thrive in whatever legal environment you end up in. That's why we offer a number of different pre-law programs in order to help you develop these critical skills.

Cassandra Myers

Lewis Student Cassandra Myers argues her case during a regional tournament at the Will County Courthouse.

Mock Trial Team
Lewis University's Mock Trial Team offers essential learning for those entering the field of law and is one of the strongest programs in the entire nation - competing nationally and placing in the top 10 regionally over the last six consecutive years. Coached by some of our top law professors, Lewis University Mock Trial Team members take on roles as witnesses, attorneys and more, to examine legal cases in a simulated courtroom. You will develop better communication skills, presentation abilities, logic and confidence in this fun and competitive environment.

In fact, many of our Mock Trial Team students have gone on to win scholarships to The John Marshall Law School because of the success they've accomplished in national and international competitions.

Lewis University Mock Trial team members earned $81,000 in scholarships at the National Undergraduate Diversity Mock Trial tournament held April 13-14 at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Lewis University students have received more than $300,000 in scholarships during the last five years in the competition. Scholarships earned in the competition were to The John Marshall Law School, Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles and Suffolk University Law School in Boston.

Pre-Law Club
The Pre-Law Club provides students with great networking and educational opportunities, including law school visits and presentations, participation in various legal activities and learning about the career field straight from the legal professionals within it. Plus, the Pre-Law Club works closely with LSAT testing agencies, sponsoring practice LSAT examinations and tutorials to prepare you for law school.

A critical part of the Pre-Law Program, the Pre-Law Club is open to all members of the Lewis community interested in the legal field.

Summer Hallaj

Lewis Student Summer Hallaj wins Outstanding Attorney Award and scholarship from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

Mediation Team
Gain a strong foundation in one of the fastest growing legal professions. Lewis University's Mediation Team is the newest of Lewis' academic teams, but already making a big name for themselves. In fact, our Mediation Team won the very first invitational championship we entered. Mediation Team competitions consist of acting out three roles: Mediator, Attorney/Advocate and Client, a simulated practicum in real-world mediation, which will aid you in whatever career path you end up in.

In fact, after only three years in existence, the Lewis University Mediation Team is already ranked 8th in the nation in Attorney Advocacy and 11th in the nation in Mediation.

Contact Dr. James Houlihan at (815) 836-5313 or at to learn more about any of our Academic Teams.

Pi Sigma Alpha
Join the Alpha Delta Gamma chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society. The group is open to juniors and seniors who have completed at least ten semester hours in political science, with an overall GPA in the upper one-third of the class. Along with the recognition they receive, members have unique opportunities for leadership and achievement.

Contact Dr. Laurette Liesen at (815) 836-5681 or at to learn more Pi Sigma Alpha.