Chemical Physics, B.S.

Note: As of Fall 2017, we are no longer accepting students in the Chemical Physics, BS major.

At Lewis, you get to do what you can't do anywhere else.

Nanotechnology. Solar cells. Quantum dots. From day one, you won't just be learning the theory behind what's possible. You'll be inventing it.

You're in the lab from day one. Setting up experiments. Researching new-age materials. Inventing the future. Whether you end up studying Chemical Physics or Physics in grad school, or decide to take a job right after Lewis, you will have the broad knowledge in nanotechnology, material science and alternative energy technologies necessary to succeed.

Start customizing your Chemical Physics degree program curriculum today!

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Student Talk

  • Jordan Kaiser

    “Doing research at Lewis is a lot like a mini-family. You get to know everybody. They have the same drive and passion that you do. They get excited when you get excited. We’re just all looking out for each other.”