Philosophy, B.A.

"The unexamined life is not worth living," said Socrates, the famous philosopher. Indeed, development of critical thinking and rational judgment are the goals of philosophy. Through analysis and interpretation of the works of past and contemporary philosophers, students examine basic questions concerning correct reasoning and the nature and sources of human knowledge and values. Through interactive dialogue with teachers and peers, students acquire speaking and writing skills that enable them to develop and communicate their own views effectively. Philosophy courses incorporate both multicultural and values-oriented thinking in order to develop a holistic perspective.

In addition to the general education courses in philosophy­ Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics (Action and Values)­ the Philosophy Department offers sequences of courses culminating in a major or minor. A significant goal of the Philosophy Department is to provide students with a course of study and the high standards of achievement that will prepare them for graduate and professional school, not only in philosophy, but in fields such as law, psychology, social work, education, public administration, and health care. Philosophy courses develop reading comprehension and logical reasoning skills which are a significant part of graduate and professional school entrance exams, such as the Graduate Record Exam and the Law School Admissions Test.