Paralegal Studies, B.A.

Start an exciting career alongside top legal minds.

Success as a paralegal (legal assistant) requires extensive knowledge and expertise, qualifying you to do extensive legal work under the supervision of an attorney. At Lewis, you will learn the precise judicial practices and real-world ethical applications for success as a paralegal - along with a deep knowledge of ethics and the legal system for future success in any industry.

Why Lewis?
  • Experienced faculty with real-world understanding and connections
  • Evolving curriculum provides you with ultra-practical and career-focused knowledge
  • Small class sizes facilitate group interaction and a dynamic learning environment
  • Research-based curriculum provides practical preparation for real-world application
  • Ethical framework for understanding how moral judicial practices
  • affect real-world decisions
  • Deep understanding of Federal, State and local rules of court
  • Develop interviewing, writing, research and communication skills and best practices
  • Training in Judicial Council form and filing procedures
Law School Preparation
If you have future aspirations for a career in law, as a graduate of the Paralegal Studies program, you have a distinct advantage with knowledge on legal research, legal writing, procedures and contracts - all requirements for law school.

Adult Accelerated Option
Designed specifically for the convenience of working adults, we offer an accelerated program to fast-track your degree.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Associates degree or equivalent college credit (12 credit hours)
  • Be at least 24 years of age
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended (2.0/4.0 GPA)
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