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The online Master of Science in Nursing program at Lewis University fosters a learning community of professional nurses who are unable to attend coursework at one of our campuses or who prefer the online format. The 42-45 credit hour program is the same quality as our land based programs, but offered in a convenient, online program. Two specializations (nursing administration and nursing education) of the MSN program, as well as the core MSN courses are available online. Students may also opt to combine online coursework with land based coursework. Classes are scheduled every eight weeks with four opportunities to start per academic year. There is no residency requirement for this program.


Online Master of Science in Nursing

Total Credit Hours Required: 42-45

Students must successfully complete the core, specialization, elective and practice/thesis directed study in the 42-45 credit hour program.

Required Core Courses (24)
39-503 Strategic Directions in Healthcare (3)
30-521 Organization, Policy and Financing in Healthcare (3)
30-522 Human Diversity and Social Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing (3)
30-523 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
30-524 Advanced Nursing Research (3)
30-526 Healthcare Fiscal Integrity (3)
30-527 Healthcare Information Management (3)
30-528 Program Planning and Evaluation (3)

Specializations (12) [Select one specialization]

Nursing Administration

30-550 Dimensions in Healthcare Leadership (3)
30-552 Dynamics of Healthcare Organizations (3)
30-554 Evidence Based Performance in Healthcare (3)
30-556 Business Skills for Healthcare Organizations (3)

Nursing Education

30-540 Educational Theory and the Scholarship of Teaching (3)
30-543 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3)
30-545 Teaching Methodology and Delivery Systems (3)

Elective (3)

Practicum/Thesis Directed Study (6) [Select either thesis or practicum in area of specialization]

30-591 Thesis (6)
30-596 Nursing Administration Practicum (6)
30-597 Nursing Education Practicum (6)