Early Childhood Special Education (M.A.)


Early childhood education degree, Early Childhood Education with Special Education endorsement New state and federal directives are driving schools and districts to seek out educators specialized in intervention instruction in the early grades. Lewis University's Early Childhood Special Education program addresses these needs by preparing compassionate and critical early childhood specialists, who are also fully endorsed as special education teachers. This kind of teacher is proving extraordinarily valuable to districts and schools due to their ability to adapt curriculum materials and teaching techniques to successfully meet the needs of all students.

Through Lewis University's Early Childhood Special Education program, you will explore:

  • Content-specific competencies applicable to the unique development needs of this age population
  • Thorough understanding of cultural diversity and individual learning differences
  • How to communicate and build relationships with the families of young learners
  • How to utilize observation, documentation and assessment to evaluate children's learning and development
  • Deep theoretical understanding and practical application of developmentally appropriate learning techniques

Beginning in fall 2014, we will offer a newly revised degree program in Early Childhood Special Education. This degree program uniquely provides you with the ability to teach a much wider population than many other early childhood programs. The curriculum follows below:

Degree Requirements (Beginning Fall 2014)

I. Core Courses (12)
50-510 Foundations of Early Childhood Education (3)
50-515 Child Growth and Development (3)
54-557 Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities (3)
50-520 Child, Family, Culture and Community (3)*
50-501 Field Experience I: Infant and Toddler Methods - 25 Hours
50-502 Field Experience II: Special Needs Observations - 25 Hours
II. Synthesis Block (Methods Courses) (30)
50-535 Beginning Linguistics and Development of Speech and Language in Early Childhood (3)*
50-546 History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education (3)
50-524 Foundations of Teaching Reading and Language Arts for P-3 (3)
51-510 Foundations of Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations (3)*
53-504 Technology for Teaching and Learning (3)*
50-556 Foundations of Teaching Math, Science and Social Studies for P-3 (3)
50-530 Assessment and Intervention for Classroom Teachers (3)*
50-525 Curriculum, Organization and Methods of Creative Arts and Literacy in Early Childhood (3)
50-540 Collaboration and Adaptations for Special Needs in General Education Settings (3)
50-501 Field Experience III: Preprimary Methods Pre-K and K - 50 Hours (0)
50-502 Field Experience IV: Primary Methods - Grades 1-3 - 50 Hours (0)
51-526 Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a New Language (3)*
III. Research (3)
52-575 Practical Research for Learning Communities (3)
IV. Reflective Block (Student Teaching/Clinical) (6)
50-581 Clinical Practice/Student Teaching with Seminar (6)

*English as a Second Language endorsement classes. 

Total Credit Hours: 51

If the candidate has documented evidence of successfully completing a pre-service student teaching assignment in a K-3 classroom – the requirement for an eight week student teaching/internship will be waived.

If the candidate has evidence of a successful teaching experience (minimum one year) in a K-3 assignment as the teacher of record, the requirement for an eight week student teaching/internship will be waived.