Student/Alumni Testimonials

"The English Studies Department has challenged me from the very beginning, and I can say I am a better student for that, not only in terms of my writing but also in my critical thinking skills. These are skills that will resonate long after graduating, and I will always have Lewis's English Studies Department to acknowledge for that."

-Joseph Ventrella, Class of 2011

"Through the English Education track, I feel I have grown artistically and professionally with the help of the great professors here at Lewis. They have taught me that the field of education is constantly about learning and expanding our knowledge; education is about being flexible and open-minded. As a future English teacher, I will carry my passion in always wanting to learn new content and bring new teaching techniques into the classroom to pass on to my future students, thanks to the professors in the COE and the English Studies Department."

-Victoria Van Dyke, Class of 2011

"I have a lot of confidence in my English major. These courses have taught me to be a well-written, well-spoken, and active member in such a socially networked society. The world will always need people who know how to read, write, and communicate!"

-Joseph Deardurff, Class of 2011

"My experiences in obtaining my English and Secondary Education majors have been valuable and diverse. I've gotten the chance to work with several interesting, passionate professors who always engage and are engaging. Also, my peers vary in their English Programs, so I constantly get the chance to interact with students of different interests. Overall, the departments and majors have had positive impacts on my education and will continue to influence me throughout my career."

-Kimberly Phillips, Class of 2011

"The writing program at Lewis works not only as an educational guide, a conduit between the students' writing ability and their writing success, but also as a safe haven for those searching for a deeper meaning in language and the ability to manipulate it with the point of a pen. The collaboration that emerges between the students and writing professors is one that strengthens the students' vocabulary, insight, editing skills and imagination like a tightly wound violin string. The students provide the material; Lewis teaches them to make music."

-Jamie R. LaFevers, Class of 2010

"The English Studies Department along with the College of Education work toward one goal: creating personable, knowledgeable, and influential future educators of English. I feel lucky to have collaborated with professors from both fields. With their input and wisdom, I feel I am well prepared for the English world, as well as the teaching world. In fact, I can't wait!"

-Holly Hernandez, Class of 2010

"The Lewis University English major Program Two: Literature and Language has encouraged my love of literature while expanding my knowledge and understanding of it. I am confident in my abilities and skills I've gained, and I feel prepared and ready to graduate. Many thanks to the Lewis University English Studies Department!"

-Tricia Borgra, Class of 2010

"I'm going to start grad classes at DePaul in April. I enrolled in their Writing and Publishing Program. And thanks for teaching us bookmaking, It's really come in handy. I had an interview at Exelon last week and I was able to give some cardstock a stab at binding and took a handmade portfolio with me."

-Elizabeth Weber, Class of 2008

"The Lewis University writing program is extremely valuable in that it teaches people to think of the English language in a way that goes beyond semi-colons and comma splices. What I learned as a creative writing student is that language can be electric, part technique and part backbone. Because of Lewis and because of its instructors, I have the confidence to call myself a writer."

-Melissa Culbertson, Class of 2007

"The study of Creative and Professional Writing at Lewis University offers many opportunities to engage with the literary community at large. With what I've learned at Lewis, I've co-created and edited a literary journal with fellow alumni, designed websites, and published my own work in a wide variety of magazines and literary journals. The Writing Program is an exciting and highly beneficial way to explore and participate in the writing life."

-Susan Slaviero, Class of 2007

"When I enrolled at Lewis University, I was an English major with a literature focus; however, once I began taking writing and rhetoric classes, I was drawn into the Writing Program. Although I did not officially change my focus, the Writing Program impacted me personally, professionally, and academically. My evolution as a writer was encouraged and enhanced; especially in an independent study, exploring Postmodern women rhetoricians. In addition, I took a Professional Writing course that improved my writing so much that I began volunteering my services to non-for-profit organizations, such as Beyond Media. Furthermore, the Writing Program encouraged me to apply for graduate programs in writing. Currently, I am enrolled at DePaul University, where my writing and analytical skills, in addition to my theoretical knowledge, have been praised. All of these skills were developed during my coursework in the Writing Program. I am earning a dual Master's in Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse and Gender Studies, and my writing skills are utilized daily. The Writing Program has greatly contributed to my success as a student and writer."

-Michelle Lorenzen, Class of 2007

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