Early Childhood Special Education, B.A.

New state and federal directives are driving schools and districts to seek out educators specialized in intervention instruction in the early grades. Lewis University's Early Childhood Education program addresses these needs by preparing compassionate and critical early childhood specialists, who are also fully endorsed as special education teachers. This kind of teacher is proving to be extraordinarily valuable to districts and schools due to their ability to adapt curriculum materials and teaching techniques to successfully meet the needs of all students.

Plus, this certification + endorsement program uniquely provides you with the ability to teach a much wider population than many other early childhood programs. This standards- and performance-based undergraduate program consists of 128 credit hours and 150 hours of in-field experiences that will take place in the three required age groups of: infant and toddler, pre-K and K-3.

Through Lewis University's Early Childhood Education program, you will explore:
  • Content-specific competencies applicable to the unique development needs of this age population
  • Thorough understanding of cultural diversity and individual learning differences
  • How to communicate and build relationships with the families of young learners
  • How to utilize observation, documentation and assessment to evaluate children's learning and development
  • Deep theoretical understanding and practical application of developmentally appropriate learning techniques
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Student Talk

  • Elaine Belen

    “I took a Child Development class in high school and fell in love with it. Learning about kids, their behaviors – planning the lessons and seeing the kids actually learn something – it’s a really good feeling.”